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Ocean Health Index

Ocean Health Index is launched. Find out about the health of your ocean

The Monaco Blue Initiative aims at reconciling protection of marine ecosystems and socio-economic benefits from the oceans, through sustainable management of the oceans and the ecosystem services they deliver.

Therefore, we would like to point out a recent article published in Nature on August 15 introducing the “Ocean Health Index”, an interesting tentative to quantify ocean health through their ability to deliver 10 major services.

Although it is quite hard to calculate the trade-offs between these very diverse objectives, this methodology could help give policy-makers a comprehensive picture of their country’s marine activities and their environmental impact.

This new Index identifies ten vital needs, tracks the impact of human activities on these needs, and creates a baseline of data that can be used to measure progress or decline. Every country with a coastline can adapt it to analyze their marine use and help to focus on priorities.

The Ocean Health Index is a collaborative project engaging over 65 scientists and ocean experts. Consequently, no single entity owns it; the Index is an independent brand. Marine Protected Areas, as highlighted by MBI is one of roughly 100 components feeding into the Ocean Health Index.

We invite you to visit to learn more about the Index, including country-specific scores and goal-specific scores, and give us your feedback on this initiative.