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  • H.S.H.
    Prince Albert II of Monaco
     Prince Albert II of Monaco
  • H.E.Mr.
    Anote Tong
    President of the Republic of Kiribati
    Anote Tong
  • Kwang Youle Park
    Director General for Marine Environment Policy Office, Korean Ministry forLand, Transport and Maritime Affairs
  • H.E.M.
    Ronald Jumeau
    Permanent Representative of the Seychelles to the United Nations and Ambassador to the United States
    Ronald Jumeau
  • Donna Petrachenko
    Chief Advisor International Biodiversity and Sustainability & Australia's Commissioner to the IWC within the Australian Government Department SEWPaC
    Donna Petrachenko
  • Yasuaki Bungi
    Cabinet Official - The Secretariat of the Headquarters for Ocean Policy - Japan
  • Hajime Kawamura
    Councillor, The Secretariat of the Headquarters for Ocean Policy - Japan
  • Prathapa Chandra Shetty
    Executive Director - Emirates Star Fisheries
    Prathapa Chandra Shetty
  • Roy Palmer
    Chairman - Global Initiative for Life & Leadership through Seafood (GILLS)
    Roy Palmer
  • Jung-Ki Park
    Council Member - International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)
    Jung-Ki Park
  • Pierre Erwes
    Chairman BioMarine, CEO BioTopics
    Pierre Erwes
  • Sung Joo Kim
    Chairman and CEO of Sungjoo Group and MCM Products AG - Korea
    Sung Joo Kim
  • Jacques Perrin
    Director of the film
    Jacques Perrin
  • François Sarano
    François Sarano
  • Patricio BERNAL
    Coordinator IUCn High Seas Initiative - Global Marine and Polar Programme - International Union for Conservation of Nature) Switzerland
    Patricio BERNAL
  • Asmund Bjordal
    Director of the Centre for Development Coordination in Fisheries - Norway
    Asmund Bjordal
  • Robert Calcagno
    CEO of the oceanographic Institute, Foundation Albert I, Prince of Monaco
    Robert  Calcagno
  • H.E.Mr
    Bernard Fautrier
    Vice President and CEO of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation - Minister Plenipotentiart, Head of missions to the Prime Minister for sustainable
    Bernard Fautrier
  • Fernando Felix
    Regional Project Coordinator - Permanent Commission for the South Pacific (CPPS)
  • Victor Gallardo
    Professor at the Department of Oceanography - University of Concepción - Chile
    Victor Gallardo
  • Serge Garcia
    Chair of Fisheries Expert Group of the IUCN Commission of Ecosystem Management (IUCN/CEM/FEG) - Belgium
    Serge Garcia
  • Hugh Govan
    Advisor, LMMA Network - Locally Managed Marine Area Network - Fiji
    Hugh Govan
  • Tony Haymet
    Director of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography - USA
    Tony Haymet
  • Kohei Hibino
    Center for Regional Sustainability Initiatives (CRESI) Akita International University
    Kohei Hibino
  • Takashi ichioka
    General Manager of Ocean Policy Research Foundation - Japan
  • Yihang Jiang
    Project Manager UNDP/GEF Yellow Sea Project Management Office - China
    Yihang Jiang
  • Richard Kenchington
    Professorial Fellow - Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security
    Richard Kenchington
  • Jihyun Lee
    Environment Affairs Officer, Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
    Jihyun Lee
  • Christophe LEFEBVRE
    IUCN Global Ocean Councilor and Coordinator for European and International Affairs for the french Marine Protected Area agency - france
    Christophe LEFEBVRE
  • Anne Mcdonald
    professor at the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Sophia University - Japan
  • JungHo Nam
    Director of Research Department of Marine Environment and Climate Change, Korea Maritime Institute (KMI) - Korea
  • Jay Nelson
    Director of Global Ocean Legacy at PEW Environment Group - USA
    Jay Nelson
  • Bernard O'Callaghan
    Programme Coordinator of IUCN Oceania Office - Fiji
    Bernard O'Callaghan
  • Dan Pauly
    Director - University of British Columbia (UBC) fisheries center - USA
    Dan Pauly
  • Michel Petit
    President of the oceanographic Institute, Fondation Albert I, Prince of Monaco
    Michel Petit
  • Lida Pet-Soede
    Director - WWF Global Initiative - Coral Triangle
    Lida Pet-Soede
  • Sundari Ramakrishna
    Conservation Director - WWF Malaysia
    Sundari Ramakrishna
  • François SIMARD
    Deputy Head and Senior Advisor for Fisheries IUCN Global Marine and Polar Programme - Switzerland
    François SIMARD
  • Lisa Speer
    Director of the international Oceans Program at the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) - USA
    Lisa Speer
  • Hirochi Terashima
    Ocean Policy Research Foundation
  • Teuea Toatu
    Executive Director of PIPA Conservation Trust (Phoenix Island Protected Area)
  • Sebastien TROENG
    Senior Vice-President, Americas Field Division, Conservation International
    Sebastien TROENG
  • Atsuhiro Yoshinaka
    Global Coordinator of Japan Biodiversity Fund, CBD Secretariat and Representative of Executive Secretary of CBD - Japon
 Prince Albert II of Monaco H.S.H.
Prince Albert II of Monaco