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  • H.S.H.
    Prince Albert II of Monaco
     Prince Albert II of Monaco
  • President
    Tommy E. Remengesau Jr.
    President of Palau
  • H.E.Mr.
    Anote Tong
    President of the Republic of Kiribati
    Anote Tong
  • H.R.H. Prince Carl Philip of Sweden
  • Minister
    Umlich Sengebau
    Minister of Environment of Palau
  • Prof.
    Denis Allemand
    Director - Monaco Scientific Center
  • Eric Banel
    General Secretary - Amateurs de France
  • Arne Benjaminsen
    Acting General Secretary - Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs - Norway
  • Margot Bennett-Mathiesson
    IUCN patron of Nature
  • Sandra Bessudo
    Director of teh Presidential Agency for International Cooperation of Colombia
  • Miguel Bernal
    Officer in charge of Fisheries - GFCM - Italy (to represent Abdellah Srour, Executive Secretary)
  • Raphaël Billé
    Program Director Biodiversity and adaptation - IDDRI - France
  • Gigi Brisson
    Oceans Elders - USA
  • Brice Cachia
    Aquaculturist - Monaco
  • Robert Calcagno
    CEO of the oceanographic Institute, Foundation Albert I, Prince of Monaco
    Robert  Calcagno
  • Purificacio Canals
    President of MedPAN
  • Bruno Chabas
    CEO of SBM offshore
  • Charles Clover
    Blue Marine Foundation - UK
  • Céline Cousteau
  • John Davis
    Rédacteur en chef - MPA News - USA
  • Jean-yves De Chaisemartin
    Vice president of Aléor
  • Florence Descroix
    Scientific advisor for the Permanent Delegate to international Organisations of a scientific, environmental and humanitarian nature - Monaco
  • Fannie Dubois
    General Secretary of the Pelagos Sanctuary
  • Sylvia Earle
    IUCN patron of Nature
  • Pierre Erwes
    Chairman BioMarine, CEO BioTopics
    Pierre Erwes
  • H.E.Mr
    Bernard Fautrier
    Vice President and CEO of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation - Minister Plenipotentiart, Head of missions to the Prime Minister for sustainable
    Bernard Fautrier
  • Bruno Genty
    President - France Nature Environnement (FNE) - France
  • Kristina Gjerde
    High Seas Policy Advisor- IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature)
  • Marie-Christine Grillo-Compulsione
    Secrétaire Exécutive - ACCOBAMS - Monaco
  • Mohamed Hadj Ali Salem
    Regional Coordinator SIPAM
  • Tony Haymet
    Director of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography - USA
    Tony Haymet
  • Paul Holthus
    Executive Director of the World Ocean Council
  • Rupert Howes
    CEO - Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) - UK
  • Mattias Klum
    Ambassadeur de bonne volonté IUCN - Suède
    Marine Vice Chair of IUCN WCPA
  • Jihyun Lee
    Environment Affairs Officer, Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
    Jihyun Lee
  • Christophe LEFEBVRE
    IUCN Global Ocean Councilor and Coordinator for European and International Affairs for the french Marine Protected Area agency - france
    Christophe LEFEBVRE
  • Dominique Leglu
    Director of editing for Science & Avenir
  • Carl Gustaf Lundin
    Director of Global Marine Program - IUCN - Switzerland
  • Julia Marton-Lefèvre
    General Director - IUCN - Switzerland
  • Giuseppe Notarbartolo Di Sciara
    President of Thetys
  • Sally O'Brien
    Managing Director - Philanthropic partnership group - PEW Charitable Trusts
  • David Osborn
    Director - Environment Laboratories IAEA - Monaco
  • Michel Petit
    President of the oceanographic Institute, Fondation Albert I, Prince of Monaco
    Michel Petit
  • Donna Petrachenko
    Chief Advisor International Biodiversity and Sustainability & Australia's Commissioner to the IWC within the Australian Government Department SEWPaC
    Donna Petrachenko
  • Joshua Reichert
    Executive Vice-President - PEW Charitable Trusts - USA
  • Gérard Riou
    Director of Ifremer Mediterannean Centre
  • Marie Romani
    Executive Secretary - MedPAN - France
  • Jacques Rougerie
    Architect SeaOrbiter Project
  • François SIMARD
    Deputy Head and Senior Advisor for Fisheries IUCN Global Marine and Polar Programme - Switzerland
    François SIMARD
  • Thad Simons
    President and CEO - Novus International - USA
  • Lisa Speer
    Director of the international Oceans Program at the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) - USA
    Lisa Speer
  • Jessica Sweidan
    IUCN patron of Nature
  • Adam Sweidan
    IUCN patron of Nature
  • Sebastien TROENG
    Senior Vice-President, Americas Field Division, Conservation International
    Sebastien TROENG
  • Sergi Tudela
    Head of Fisheries - WWF Mediterranean
  • Francis Vallat
    Chairman of the Cluster Maritime Français CMF
  • Philippe Vallette
    Managing Director - Nausicaa - France
  • Adolfo Valsecchi
    CEO of MW Brands
 Prince Albert II of Monaco H.S.H.
Prince Albert II of Monaco