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  • H.S.H.
    Prince Albert II of Monaco
     Prince Albert II of Monaco
  • Tearii ALPHA
    Minister for Marine Resources, Mines, and Research - French Polynesia
  • Patricio BERNAL
    Coordinator IUCn High Seas Initiative - Global Marine and Polar Programme - International Union for Conservation of Nature) Switzerland
    Patricio BERNAL
  • Sandra Bessudo
    Director of teh Presidential Agency for International Cooperation of Colombia
  • Gigi Brisson
    Oceans Elders - USA
  • Hon
    Tony BURKE
    Member of Parliament and former Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water and Population - Australia
  • Robert Calcagno
    CEO of the oceanographic Institute, Foundation Albert I, Prince of Monaco
    Robert  Calcagno
  • Prof.
    Juan-Carlos CASTILLA
    Professor and Coordinator of the initiative "Chile es Mar"- Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile
  • Gerardo CERDA GAETE
    Environment management - National office for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Ministry of Environment - Chile
  • Céline Cousteau
  • Sylvia Earle
    IUCN patron of Nature
  • H.E.Mr
    Bernard Fautrier
    Vice President and CEO of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation - Minister Plenipotentiart, Head of missions to the Prime Minister for sustainable
    Bernard Fautrier
  • Fernando Felix
    Regional Project Coordinator - Permanent Commission for the South Pacific (CPPS)
  • Jose Maria Figueres
    Co-chair - Global Ocean Commission
  • Cristian GALLARDO
    Fund for financement of research centers in priority areas (FONDAP) - Chile
  • Victor Gallardo
    Professor at the Department of Oceanography - University of Concepción - Chile
    Victor Gallardo
  • Carlos GALLEGO
    Director, Pesquera Terranova - Chile
  • Mario GARNERO
    President, Forum Das Americas - Brazil
  • Kristina Gjerde
    High Seas Policy Advisor- IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature)
  • Charlotte GOBIN
    Senior Environmental Specialist, Natural Resources, Global environment Facility (GEF) - USA
  • Maria-José GONZALEZ
    Executive Director, Meso-American Reef Fund (MAR Fund)
    Scientific Director, Huinay Scientific Field Sation, Patagonia - Chile
  • Paul Holthus
    Executive Director of the World Ocean Council
  • Jorge JIMENEZ
    General Director, MarViva Foundation - Costa-Rica
    Marine Vice Chair of IUCN WCPA
  • Matias MEDINA
    General Director, INTESAL (Technical Institute for Salmon) - Chile
  • Marcelo MENA
    Vice-Minister of Environment - Chile
  • Dan Pauly
    Director - University of British Columbia (UBC) fisheries center - USA
    Dan Pauly
  • Roy Palmer
    Chairman - Global Initiative for Life & Leadership through Seafood (GILLS)
    Roy Palmer
  • Rodrigo POLANCO
    Manager for Latin-America, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)
    Directeur, Chilean Antarctic Institute - Chile
  • Karen SACK
  • Guillermo SILVA
    Director, Maritime Interests and Aquatic environment, Chilean Navy (Armada de Chile)
    Acting Director, Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine, Chilean Navy (Armada de Chile)
  • Patrick VAN KLAVEREN
    Ambassador and Permanent Representative to Scientific, Environmental and Humanitarian International Bodies - Monaco
  • Katerina VARAS
    Manager “Isla Grande de Atacama” Multi Use Marine Protected Area (IGA MUMPA) – Ministry of Environment-Chile
  • Leonor VARELA
    Actress and environmentalist
  • Andres VELASCO
    Member, Global Ocean Commission (GOC)
  • Sebastien TROENG
    Senior Vice-President, Americas Field Division, Conservation International
    Sebastien TROENG
    President, Foundation San Ignacio del Huinay - Chile
  • Stéphanie BELNA
    Project officer, Foreign affairs department, Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development
 Prince Albert II of Monaco H.S.H.
Prince Albert II of Monaco