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The Monaco Blue Initiative is a platform for discussion co-organized by the Oceanographic Institute, Foundation Albert I, Prince of Monaco and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, presided over by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. Its members meet annually to discuss the most current global challenges for ocean protection and preservation. It is an effective platform for communication and exchange between the different sectors of activity and stakeholders concerned with the utilization of the ocean and its resources. The aim is to create synergies between stakeholders concerned with the protection of marine ecosystems and socio-economic development.

During these last months, and notably the 3rd International marine protected Areas Congress in Marseille  (IMPAC3) in 2013, the value of bringing together economic, political, scientific and environmental experts to discuss common issues towards improved ocean protection and governance is particularly clear. This fifth edition of the Monaco Blue Initiative in Chile will pursue this effort and draw attention to the local expertise and experience in these fields. Placing a focus on aquaculture and the involvement of local community is particularly important considering the geographical region and case studies discussed in the previous editions. The MBI will also focus on the wider question of financing mechanisms for MPAs and the management of high seas.
The discussions will also provide an opportunity to prepare and develop content for the next IMPAC4 meeting, currently scheduled in Chile in 2017.