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Seafood is now a source of food and income for one quarter of the world population. Today fisheries catch remains stable but the production of aquaculture continues to rise. World production of seafood from aquaculture has more than doubled in 12 years, from 32 to 67 million tons in 2012.

Beyond the sole production of seafood, the development of marine plant production between 2000 and 2012 has also been notable, in particular in Asia.

Whilst the ocean is becoming an area for large-scale cultivation, it is crucial to consider the implications of this new situation in terms of environmental protection, regulation and collaboration. Indeed, these new challenges once again highlight the importance of involving scientists, industrialists, NGOs, etc., to the establishment of a sustainable production system and make the best rather than the most of these new resources.

The last edition of the Monaco Blue Initiative in Chile questioned the status and feedback from aquaculture in America, towards a sustainable approach to its development. The 2015 edition will pursue these discussions with experts and decision-makers worldwide on the theme: Feeding and fuelling the world through sustainable aquaculture?